Monday, 9 March 2015

Bioderma Solution Micellaire

We all know this is no replacement for your cleanser, but if it's a quick refresher you're after micellair waters are great, and although there are cheaper alternatives I still love Bioderma. I use this on a cotton bud to remove foundation from my brows, lips and any eye liner mistakes I (always) make, but I also think they are really good at prepping your skin.

Our skin produces natural oils all the time but if you have oily or combination skin removing the excess prior to foundation application allows it to cling onto your skin, giving it more longevity and a nicer looking finish.
The (pink) Sensibio I have found to be a little drying on my skin so I tend to use this to make my skin appear more matte. I use it before my foundation, concentrated more on my Tzone where my skin is a little more oily. I find my make up sits better when I have used this, and more slippy foundations stay put that bit longer.
YSL Fusion Foundation normally needs retouching by lunch time but when applied after using Sensibio it seams the last all day even without applying a powder.
The (blue) Hydrabio is for dry skin types so I just use this all over my face before applying my foundation. I use this in place of a toner as I just rather use something that cleanses the skin than a toner that often has perfumes in that can cause irritation. I'm not a scientist or a skincare expert but toner has always been a product that does nothing for my skin where as these seam to work really well.

You can purchase Bioderma products at Lloyds Pharmacy online, the 100ml bottles are £4.50 and the 250ml bottles are £10. Let me know your thoughts, particularly if you have used the green Sebium one for combination skin, I am yet to try it so if you think it is better than these for any reason I would love your opinion.