Thursday, 26 March 2015

C'est la vie #1

You know I like to keep my blog predominantly reviews, just on the basis I don't think I am a particularly interesting person; I like neutral make up, I usually wear 50 shades of black, and although I would love to have this glam student life the older generation talk about, I spend all my time at university or work or travelling to them. 
That being said, you probably can see I love a good ramble, and although I spend a good amount of time in the library, 30% of that is probably spent daydreaming. So here is a little insight into my recent ponders...

1. Is it just me or have high street make up brands finally brought out some decent products? I have been uninspired by the samey products they have been churning out the past couple of years but recently I seem to be loving everything.

2. Wedding magazines are far more interesting to read than gossip magazines. Just to clarify I am still a single pringle, but my sister is getting married this summer. What originally set out to be research for her, has turned in to design inspiration for my home. I am now in love with all things pastel and floral.
3. It is far better to study tax than it is to pay it. Lets just say I am glad to have some mathematical questions in my exams this year; it is so nice having definite answers to questions. Fellow law students will feel my pain having read endless rants from Lord Denning. 

4. I am not okay with the prospect of not being able to wear jumpers soon! I love to feel like I am in my PJs whilst still managing to look somewhat put together. For now we can get away with a medium knit and no coat but soon comes crop top season and I am just not ready for that.

5. Daniel Wellington watches are my new love, I currently have two but they are so classic looking I would love to have the whole website.

I literally cannot wait to finish uni now and have an actual life to do some actual lifestyle posts. Until then, just one last special mention to Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos for keeping me awake when I would otherwise be in hibernation