Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

If you follow me on Instagram or read my Best of 2015 post you will probably know I have been loving this beauty for a long time now. I have so many products I use daily that I need to get around to reviewing for you, but after many repurchases of both of these formulas I thought it was about time I shared my love for the Iconic Overcurl. 
Normally with mascara I tend to love either the formula or the wand, in this case I love both equally. The wand is the same for the waterproof and no-waterproof formulas, it is rather thick and curled just enough to fit with the natural curve of your lashes. The dense non plastic bristles allow you to really push your lashes upright and in to the curl. Formula wise both of them can really hold a curl, and the best thing is that it drys really quickly so there is no time for the curl to drop. There is also no fall down or smudging in heat with either of the formulas but of course I would suggest using the waterproof if you planned on being in a very humid environment though, unless you are a fan of the panda eye look. 

The only negative I would say is that the waterproof formula is a little too wet to begin with, however, after about a week this does seem to be the better formula of the two in terms of adding volume to your lashes. 
What I would say is that if you prefer a day time lash with curl, length and volume; all of the good stuff, then the non-waterproof formula is the way to go. If you are after a one coat, full on dramatic evening eye without using false lashes the waterproof formula is better. Both can look the same if you apply 2 coats of the non-waterproof, or brush through your lashes after applying the waterproof so really it's just about which look you would wear more as to which you prefer. Above I combed through one coat of the waterproof and to the right, from my Chanel Les Beiges post makeup, I have on the non-waterproof. 

At £25 a pop I realise it is a bit ridiculous having both, I just love the wand so much I tend to switch which one I buy each time I have to fork out for a new one. These are available on all Dior counters and online here.