Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Night Cream

First of all lets just address the price of this product, at £58 for 50ml this is not in everyones budget. I in fact did not buy this, my sister has a skin condition that she hoped this would work well on, turns out it was not most useful for her but anyone with undiagnosed skin problems will probably know you save all your money and try anything you can. If you do not have problem skin head over to cheaper, but still amazing, brands like my favourite Vichy. If you do have dehydrated skin though that you just can't seem to nourish then this has been working wonders for me in the short time I have been using it. It is one of those products you see a real difference from using after one application and annoyingly I will have to buy this again; so thanks Amanda for introducing me to another expensive product. 
Now lets talk ingredients. Unfortunately this does not contain the blood of an actual dragon, that would be equally awesome and cruel, it in fact it contains active ingredients from the dragon blood tree which is actually pretty awesome for a tree, that helps to soothe and restore skin with anti inflammatory properties. It also contains hyaluronic acid which is what makes this such a good cream in that this helps your skin in locking in water. It also has glycerin which encourages your skin to absorb more water and of course aqua which all make for this being an amazing cream for anyone with dehydrated skin, or anyone wanting a cream with an anti ageing affect. Although a cream will never be a filler of fine lines, boosting your skins moisture will make skin appear more plump and firm and therefore more youthful. Lets be real, I'm 24, aside from a few fine lines on my forehead I don't really have signs of ageing, but it certainly does make my skin feel more plump and less dull. I actually like this as a day cream because it just makes my skin feel pepped up for the day. I think I will next try the Dragon's Blood Moisturiser which contains SPF and is a little cheaper at £49 so I will let you know if it is as good as this Night Cream. But if a good nourishing skin boost with amazing fruity, flowery smells in night cream form is what you are after then head to Space NK or find this online here. It comes with my highest of recommendations.