Monday, 15 February 2016

Alpha H Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold has interested me for so long but after using so many cheap drugstore exfoliants it just seamed like a luxury that I could not necessarily afford, well turns out you can buy the Liquid Gold Try Me 50ml bottles for just £15. The full size 100ml bottle is £33.50 so you're actually better off buying the trial size. Such a small amount of product is needed per cotton pad that these bottles last ages and turns out my skin loves this stuff. I have been using this on my favourite Muji Peelable Cotton Pads, and with just one swipe this all over freshly washed skin my skin feels cleaner and fresher. It does make my skin feel a little dry but I do have dehydrated skin anyway. If you are a little more oily you may find this balances you out, personally I just use my Vichy hydrating Serum and Cream after using this and my skin feels nourished again.
For a full list of ingredients click here, but some ingredients I look out for are Glycerin which will assist your skin in holding water, and Glycolic Acid which is a chemical exfoliator. The glycolic acid will help remove dead skin cells leaving you with healthy looking fresh skin. It is great if you have blemish or acne prone skin or look for products that are anti ageing. I feel like this has really helped my skin look more healthy and less dull. I have been using it two or three times a week as suggested and it has made such a difference I will definitely be keeping stocked up on this.