Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Application Dream Team

When it comes to applying your base everyone is looking for a natural finish. Whether its sheer or full coverage you wear no one likes to look plastered in product. And after many trials and errors this little trio have surpassed all other applicators. I realise that the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water does sound like a bit of a waste of money to buy what is essentially a water spray, when you can just dampen your sponge under a tap. But honestly if you really want your makeup to stay put as long as possible then this is the way to go. I personally hate silicone based primers. I am more than happy to use toner and serum and moisturiser to prep my skin but I just don't like to feel like there is a layer between my skin and foundation. For me your base product should feel like skin as much as possible and not like it is sitting on top of it. I place a few dots of foundation on to the centre of my face then spritz the Beauty Blender till it is damp and bounce the product all over my face. Once my foundation has dried I do the same with concealer but then use the Micro Mini Beauty Blender as this seams to keep the concealer in place better than the original sponge. Here I have the Pure Sponge which comes in at £16, it is the same size as all the original blenders but for £18 you can buy the Pink Blender and Solid Soap Set which really is the best way to clean the sponges if you want to remove any product stains. I still love the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush *review for a slightly more speedy application but for days I have the time to really blend in my foundation and create that completely natural looking skin this little trio really does give a flawless looking finish.