Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review: MAC Studio Fix boldblack lash mascara

Hello beauties,
While a lot mascaras target one aspect of lash enhancement, I think a kit essential is a mascara that enhances your natural lashes  

Price: £14 for 7g buy here

Good: This is a perfect everyday mascara. It really just enhances everything you like about lashes by lengthening, slightly curling and fanning them out. It is just a great 'my lashes but better mascara'.
The wand is stiff and sturdy and holds just the right amount of product. The tube removes any excess product from the applicator which ensures each eye has the same amount of product applied. It also prevents clumping and allows for buildable application.
This is my go to mascara to apply when wearing false lashes. A little swipe of this will blend your falsies perfectly in with your natural lashes. It will also help to fan them out slightly. I really like this on to of  the Eylure Naturalites lashes, it makes them look even more natural.
Bad: This is not a show stopper, I would never wear this if I was going out, it is definitely more of a day product. The other thing I have noticed is it dries instantly. While with other mascaras you can apply a few layers of product, with this it seams to dry before you can get more product on the applicator. I just run through my lashes with a clean spooly before I apply more layers of product. You could also apply a little oil on the lashes before applying your first layer to combat this.
Let me know what you think of this mascara. Sometimes I just like to have subtle lashes and this is the best mascara I have found for those 'I woke up like this' days.