Monday, 7 March 2016

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

I have been using this off and on for a few months now, my skincare seams to revolve around whatever I find easy and quick to do at the time and for the past few weeks this has been my everyday morning cleanse. I have to be honest I don't bother with the muslin cloth or flannel anymore. Because I do a full oil cleanse in the evening, I just like how fresh and clean this makes my skin feel in the morning. I don't need this to take the day off so a splash of water and no dirty cloth has just made this a more useable option to me. Because in the past I went from foaming cleansers to oil cleanser I did find this a little weird to work with to begin with. This does not lather at all and it doesn't slip around like oil cleansers, nor is it thick like a balm, its more like a face soap. I don't  find this leaving my skin feeling tight and in need of a good drink like I have found with other non oil based cleansers. It may not take off water proof mascara as well as an oil but this just breaks down any product or excess oil on your face. The best I can compare this is how your face feels after using a micellar water only more clean feeling and less drying. I'm not going to lie I do miss a good lather from a foaming cleanser, but you know how it is, you start reading Caroline Hirons blog and you instantly remove all the foam and face wipes from your cupboard. 
I have to add this is a really good make up remover if you enjoy using a hot cloth and spending time removing your make. So if you are using this as your first cleanse, and wanting it to remove the unbudgeable waterproof mascara then the Hot Cloth Set is just £15.50. And if like me you want to use this like a face soap for a speedy wash in the morning then you can buy the 100ml bottle for £14  online here