Sunday, 20 October 2013

Current Loves

Hello lovelies,

It's about time for another favourites post.. and I could not do this post without mentioning my favourite thing...Lipstick!

I have two I am loving at the moment. A/W is such a great time to experiment with those darker shades we are perhaps not daring enough to wear any other time of year, so here you can see my Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Coffee Shimmer has started to make an appearance. This is such a luch colour and the lipstick is super pigmented and full of moisture perfect for this time of year.

The second lipstick I am loving is my No7 Moisture Drench in shade Mulberry. I just think this is a really lovely everyday shade for this season.

My absolute faveourite thing at the moment has to be the Valentina perfume from Valentino. This smells divine, you ladies have to go and try this scent it is so beautiful. Normally I would go for a musk at this time of year but this floral smell is just lovely.
As with the lipsticks, this time of year just makes bold make up look amazing. Big lashes are a must have for me and these Eylure Naturalites in style 101 are my go to lashes at the moment. These lashes are just perfect for every day as they are not too dramatic but still boast lots of thickness and volume.
One thing I don't really talk about a lot is body wash but I love the Radox shower gels. They have such a vast range of scents, most of which I like, but this one in particular is really feminine and lovely.
So while I am loving dramatic makeup, I also love a touch of subtlety, and this Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color brow shaper and eyeliner is perfect for softening u any eye look. Applying this instead of a harsh black eyeliner looks great and allows you to bled it perfectly in to a smoky eye.
My Olay Essentials eye make up remover really is essential at the moment. I am loving experimenting with different eye shadows right now and this is my go to remover. (For a review of this product click here)

What do you think of these products ladies? Comment bellow and let me know what you are loving right now, I love trying new products!