Friday, 4 October 2013

Review: Pre-Glued Lashes

Hello ladies,

As you may know from reading my recent Boots haul, I decided to try out some pre-glued lashes. Lots of ladies have said to me that they struggle applying falsies, and while I don't find it difficult, I thought it may be worth trying out some pre-glued and seeing if they are any easier.

The lashes I chose were by eylure, style 070 and cost £5.29. I love their false lashes, I think they are a really good natural size and fit, and they have a really vast range to choose from.
Ok so I have to be honest with you ladies, I prefer non pre-glued. Having said that If you do struggle to apply lashes these will help you to get a feel for where you want to position them, how to get them close to lash line etc.
I just found these a little fiddly, the glue wants to instantly stick to your lid, where as with normal falsies there is more give with the glue before it sets to allow you to position it perfectly.
As you can see they still are not positioned perfectly, I ended up taking them off and using glue to make them look perfect.

I am a little disappointed with this product as I think it lures you in thinking they will be easier to apply when in fact they are harder.

The best advise I can give you lovelies is to play around with the lash prior to applying the adhesive. Work out where you want them, and then go in with the glue. Use a pair of tweezers to place them as close to your lash line as possible and then I use my realTechniques accent brush to pat the lash on securing it in the desired position. This prevents the glue from getting stuck to your fingers.

Always remember to let the glue get a little tacky on the lashes before placing them on to your lid, and never apply to much glue. Although glue dries colourless you can see bumps of adhesive sometimes which makes the makeup look a little messy.

My final tip is to cut the lashes to size if you feel they are a little long. Lashes are one size fits all, but some of us do have smaller eyes, cutting off any overhang will assist in getting the perfect fit. Always remember lashes are made with shorter lashes on the inner side to allow them to look more natural, so only cut the outer longer side of the lashes.

Hope this has been useful lovelies, for info on my eye make up in the pictures click here.