Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-In-Oil

Hello lovelies,
If you have oily skin stop reading now, this is not one for silky skinned ladies. If you have dry skin like myself then I think we may have just found our savior.
For years I have been battling with incredibly dry skin around my eye area. Doctors have said it may be an allergic reaction or eczema, but non of the tonics they gave me helped. Nothing really helped that much until this little beauty.
Price: £12  for 28ml of product buy here
Application: Dependent on how dry your skin is I would suggest one droplet per eye, or three for your full face. On my eye area I put the drop on my ring finger as this has the softest skin. For full face application use a few drops  on your fingertips and massage in gently. Apply before bed and then cleanse, tone and moisturise as normal in the morning. I would suggest using this once or twice a week. But if you have bad dry patches try using it every evening until it clears up then go back to a couple of times a week.
Good: The main thing is this actually works. It replenishes the natural oils in your skin rather than just making your skin oily. It leaves your skin looking healthy and nourished, and it is quickly absorbed preventing that oily feel. This does not hurt your eyes at all and I find the smell rather pleasant; its similar to Johnson Baby products.
I also really like the packaging. This is a glass bottle (which really hurts if you drop it on your toe!) with a pipette for the oil itself. Pipettes are great for getting just the right amount of product, and I just think the baby pink packaging is really cute looking.
Bad: While this does not leave your skin oily, it does need to be washed off in the mornings. If you don't wash this off you may look a little shiny, and if you try to apply make up over this it will not look good. This is named an overnight product though so you probably gathered you will wash it off in the morning.
Another thing to note is this is a serum in oil, it is not just Vitamin E oil. This does mean it has the benefits of both a serum and oil, but I was surprised by how many ingredients are in this product. This still remains environmentally friendly though and no Body Shop products are tested on animals.
Let me know what you think if you have tried this product or if you want to try it. I also reviewed some other products from The Body Shops Vitamin E range so click here if you would like to read these also.