Thursday, 12 June 2014

Better than the MAC 217??

Hello ladies,

Yes that's correct, there is a brush out there other than the MAC 217 Blending Brush that can blend and smoke better than the best. It is a brush that I have never seen anyone else use strangely but it is my absolute kit essential! I will not keep you in suspense any longer; The Lancôme 17 Blending Shadow brush.
I have actually reviewed this brush along two other Lancôme brushes a while ago, so click here if you would like to read that post. This brush is £21 compared to £18 that the 217 costs. It is a little more expensive, but totally worth it!
I had been looking for a great blending brush for about a month before buying the 17 brush; most brushes were either too small, too stiff or too prickly.

As you can see the 17 is more flexible than the 217 due to its longer bristles and it also has a softer feel. This allows for softer blending, preventing any harsh lines and smoking out any look perfectly.

The 217 has shorter bristles and is a little more stiff. This means it is actually better if you are doing a cut crease as you want to concentrate the shadow in your crease and just blend it out a little. The 17 is tapered; it comes to a tip in the centre of the brush, therefore you can still create cut crease looks. The only difference is you would have to press a little lighter with the brush and use a little more shadow or the cut crease will just become a smoky eye.

As you can see the 17 is larger than the 217, It's bristles are more fanned out and different lengths. I like this, it makes the brush feel fluffier and allows it to blend more easily preventing any harsh lines of shadow.

Where the 17 is a fully rounded tapered brush the 217 is actually flat at the sides. I personally think this makes it harder to blend with than the 17. The 217 also has more tightly packed bristles contributing to it being more stiff than the 17 brush.

I would say that if you are working with a cream shadow, or anything that isn't a powder, then the 217 will be better for blending it. It's dense bristles and stiffness here will actually make it easier to blend out the product as it will more easily pick up the product.

Overall, I think it really depends which looks you create, and what products you are using as to which of these you go for. I personally like to use powder shadows and much prefer a smoky eye to a cut crease, but if you can afford both then the two do work well together.

To be fair to MAC the Lancôme 17 brush is more similar to the MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush. I personally prefer the 17 brush as the bristles are just so much softer, also the 224 is £22.50 and I see no point in spending an extra £1.50 for a harsher feeling brush. The reason I chose to do a comparative review with the 217 is simply because it is so raved about I didn't want people looking for a blending brush to feel it was the only option.

I hope this has been useful, apologies it was a little long but thank you for reading. Let me know what you think ladies, have you used either of these brushes, or do you have a different favourite?