Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Kevyn Aucoin; The Sensual Skin Enhancer

Put down the concealer you are using and re-think the word full coverage, because this little beauty brings a whole new meaning to the word. 

This 3 in 1 product really does fulfil its title, it enhances all of the things you love about your skin and hides all that pigmentation we develop as we age.

This has had mixed reviews, mainly due to it's price and consistency, so allow me to try and clear up any questions you may have. If I leave any unanswered questions please do not hesitate to ask in the comments section bellow.
Application: As you can see I just use a tiny amount of product on to a small brush, then apply this to the area I wish to conceal or highlight. If I am concealing I apply this directly on to bare skin and then apply my foundation on top. I do not use a primer as this product is so incredibly thick it sticks to your skin perfectly. It seams to dry on to your skin so no matter how much you rub your face this product will not budge.
For highlighter I apply this to bare skin again prior to foundation, but I do not apply foundation over this, just blend the foundation into the skin around it. You can apply this over foundation, but it is so thick I just feel more comfortable without doing so. Similar to my reason to not applying primer, the product seams to cling better to bare skin and I like to make it as long lasting as possible.
How much should you use? Bear in bind just how much coverage this product gives. Whatever amount of concealer you would normally use divide it by about 4 and you may have the correct amount needed. The picture above showing the small amount on the brush covered my whole left cheek. If this was mixed with a pea size amount of moisturiser you could cover the whole of your lower face and still achieve medium coverage.
Bellow I used about half the amount of enhancer to that pictured on the brush above. You can still see the blemish raised slightly, but all pigmentation is fully covered. I use Double Wear Stay-In-Place foundation by Estee Lauder (review) but I have also tried L'Oreal True Match foundation which has less coverage and had the same result.

Where to buy: This can be purchased online at cultbeauty for £36.50 for 18g, however they only sell 11 shades which are mostly light. SpaceNK stock all shades but charge £38 however, you can also go in store to get matched up by one of the lovely girls, which I urge you to do. Not only will they find you your most suitable shade they can help talk you through application.

Why people disliked it: Some reviews I have read have said this is not a great product if you have dry skin. It is true that this product dries in to the skin almost immediately, this is what allows it to have such good staying power. However, I have suffered from the worst dry skin on my eye area, and I have not noticed any dryness. I would say you need to make sure you do not wear your make up too long, and that you need a good moisturising regime, but overall I would not say dryness is a problem, especially if you are not using this as a foundation. I
f you do plan on using this as your daily foundation, this has such a thick consistency that you have to mix it with a moisturiser so dryness should not really come into play.

Why it's not for everybody: Whilst there are 16 shades available, it is highly unlikely you will find an exact match to your skin colour. The best thing to do is to match up the tone of your skin so for example a yellow or pink undertone, and pick the shade that is just a little lighter than your skin colour. This will allow you to use it as a highlighter, and as a foundation mixed with moisturiser, or concealer if worn under foundation.

I hope this post was useful ladies, I have really come to love this product, and although it is expensive, so little is needed per use this pot could last a lifetime.